Breast Reduction in Oklahoma City, OK

Women with very large, sagging breasts tend to have neck, back and shoulder pain. Patients find breast reduction surgery to greatly benefit their life. Patients not only have relief from their symptoms, but also retain the ability to exercise more efficiently, wear more fitting clothing and maintain a brighter psychological outlook. Of all surgeries that plastic surgeons perform, breast reduction ranks among the highest in patient satisfaction. Patients of most any age may have breast reduction surgery, however, most surgeons recommend waiting until after breasts have fully developed.

Breast Reduction

breast reduction patient 

Breast Reduction

image of breast reduction and breast lift patient

You may be a good candidate for breast reduction if you have any of the following problems: 

  • neck, back or shoulder pain
  • shoulder notching / furrowing from your bra strap
  • heavy, sagging breasts
  • breasts that are too large for your body size
  • irritation and rash beneath your breasts
  • difficulty with exercise and physical activities due to large heavy breasts
  • one breast that is larger than the other creating significant asymmetry

Breast Reduction

before and after breast reduction

During breast reduction surgery, fatty tissue in the breast, along with glandular tissue and excess skin are removed. By removing these elements, the breast can be pulled tighter making them lighter, smaller and firmer. Breast reduction surgery is generally performed under general anesthesia, and usually takes 3-4 hours to complete. The most common patterns for breast reduction scars are the “lollipop” pattern and the “anchor” pattern. Dr. Shadid will help you choose the option that is best suited to your needs. After your surgery, you will wear a sports bra for 3 weeks. You may have a drain placed in to allow excess fluid and or blood to drain from the incision. Pain is usually mild, and you may return to full normal activity after 3 weeks.

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