Breast Implant Illness.

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Some women may experience negative reactions to having a foreign object in their body, causing symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, joint pain, and a long list of other symptoms. While Breast Implant Illness remains a rare side effect of breast implants, it is more commonly seen in women who already had an autoimmune disease like lupus or scleroderma when they underwent breast implant surgery or have a family history of an autoimmune disorder.

Some Breast Implant Illness symptoms include chronic fatigue, chronic pain, endocrine dysfunction, digestive issues, and brain fog. If you are experiencing any concerning symptoms, implant removal could be an option for you.

Dr. Shadid finds it imperative to remove the entire breast capsule which can be done in one intact piece called an en bloc capsulectomy where possible or a standard capsulectomy. Either way, all the foreign material is removed from your body.