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A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, refers to a variety of procedures to treat many different issues. Droopiness can be extreme with the breasts shapeless and laying against the body. This can be caused by weight loss, lactation, or just gravity pulling down a heavy breast against skin that can’t quite hold up the weight of the breast. It can be mild in which a breast is full, firm and projecting, yet the nipple may be a bit low or the breast itself needs reshaping.

In all cases, a breast lift requires removal of some amount of skin. The amount and location of that removal depends upon the breasts’ shape. That is why some lift scars just go around the areola; some around the areola and down to the bottom; and others around the areola, down to the bottom, and across the bottom. All patients and surgeons want to shorten the scar, but the most important decision about the scar is selecting the one that will create the most beautiful breast shape.

The best candidates for breast lifts are:

  • Women who are looking for improvement in their figure and are bothered by feelings that their breasts are too low or have a sagging appearance.
  • Women who have a loss of breast volume following breast-feeding are typically good candidates for breast lifts.
  • Woman whose breasts have become smaller and lost their firmness after having children.
  • Women with uneven nipple placement.
  • Women whose weight loss has changed the shape and/or size of their breasts. You should be in good physical condition and have realistic expectations to be a good candidate for the procedure.

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There is a myth that an implant is needed with the lift in order to create a nice shape. This is not true. A good lift can give an excellent shape, and an implant is only necessary for the patient wishing to go larger. Some patients who need a mastopexy because of their extensive laxity get an implant instead. While it is entirely understandable to not want the scars, trying to substitute an implant for a needed lift only worsens the problem. An implant does not correct droopiness. In fact, adding weight to such a breast, at best, only worsens the droopiness, and in order to adequately fill a lax breast envelope it may require making the patient take a larger implant than she wishes.

Dr. Shadid’s goal in mastopexy surgery is to create the most attractive breast shape possible for that patient. He is meticulous in his suturing in an effort to create the best scars. However, no matter what technique is used, a scar will be present. A breast lift is a trade-off between shape and scar. Each patient has to decide for herself what is right for her.

Dr. Shadid evaluates each of his patients carefully, and this attentiveness is of particular importance with breast lift surgery. There are two reasons for this: breasts change with time from the effects of gravity, aging, and hormones. The second reason is that some lift techniques last longer than others. Putting these two issues together, it is clear that experience and a thoughtful approach is very important in order to help new patients decide what lift is most likely to give them the results they strive to achieve.

Dr. Shadid makes every effort to ensure your recovery is as comfortable as possible. There are no stitches or drains to be removed after surgery. You must simply wear a sports bra and refrain from excess activity for three weeks.

Your decision to have a breast lift is a highly personal one that not everyone will understand. The important thing is how you feel about it. If you’ve met your goals, then your surgery is a success. For more information about having a breast lift in Oklahoma City call (405) 755-4451.

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