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The Facelift (rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure used to smooth the loose skin on your face and neck, and to reduce the most apparent signs of aging in the facial area, giving you a more youthful appearance. The procedure involves reducing the creases from the nose and mouth, the slacking jaw line, sagging jowls and fat deposits around the neck by removing excess fat and tightening underlying muscles. The remaining skin is then redraped on the face and neck. Though the procedure cannot give you a completely new look, it can give you a younger, fresher look, and can also have a positive effect on your self-confidence. Dr. Shadid performs the Vertical Facelift procedure, which avoids the classic “windswept” appearance of earlier techniques.

The best candidates for a facelift are those who have:

  • Face and neck skin that has begun to sag, but still have skin elasticity and a strong well defined bone structure.
  • Lost their well-defined jaw line.
  • Deep wrinkles in their cheeks.
  • Loose skin, wrinkles or excess fatty tissue in the neck.

Before & After

A facelift is generally performed by making an incision around the natural contour of the ear and around the earlobe along your hairline. This helps to keep scarring hidden. Any incision can be easily masked by make-up or hair. If a neck lift is performed, you may have a small incision under your chin. Dr. Shadid does not use drains, which offers the most comfortable recovery possible. Your bandage will stay in place for 1 week, and you may see some increased swelling in the first 24 to 48 hours after surgery. All stitches are dissolvable and therefore do not need to be removed. Bruising is usually minimal but will disappear in about 2 weeks if present.

Your decision to have a facelift is a highly personal one that not everyone will understand. The important thing is how you feel about it. If you’ve met your goals, then your surgery is a success.