Mommy Makeover.

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A woman’s body experiences many changes as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding. The more children you have, the greater the toll on your body in many cases. A mommy makeover is a coordinated set of surgical treatments designed to restore a woman’s body after having children. It can also help women that have seen changes due to weight fluctuations or the aging process.

A mommy makeover addresses the correction you want – no more, no less. No two mommy makeovers are exactly the same since every woman responds to pregnancy a bit differently and may have differing concerns from another. Some notice the breasts almost seem to deflate as they lose youthful volume, while others notice distinct sagging that wasn’t there before children. The abdomen may sport a seemingly permanent bulge as underlying muscles that separated during pregnancy do not typically return to their original position. Isolated fat deposits may also linger that do not respond to diet and exercise.

A mommy makeover can address all these issues, with a customized set of procedures that can usually be performed in one session. The single surgery approach means you enjoy an optimal outcome with just one time under anesthesia and one recovery process. Dr. Shadid will spend ample time helping you plan for your procedure to ensure all your concerns are addressed. Rest assured, you will receive personalized care throughout the pre-operative planning, surgery and recovery period. Your results of your mommy makeover will be dramatic and should last for many years.

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